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EPICS Programming

EPICS programming encompasses the connections and communities of Northwestern University. Whether through alumni talks, employer site visits, or small workshops with industry leaders, EPICS engages with the Northwestern community in Evanston, Chicago, and the world. Connect early and often with leading employers, alumni, and industry professionals through one of the events below. 

Our office offers a variety of programs and events throughout the academic year. For more information on the ways you can interact with School of Communication undergraduate and graduate student populations, see below.

EPICS Connections

EPICS Connections give SoC students access to industry leaders in the communication and creative arts fields. EPICS Connections take place on the Evanston campus each quarter and allow students to connect to industry professionals and Northwestern alumni.

Career Site Visits

Get up close and personal with organizations through an SoC site visit. EPICS engages with organizations in the Chicagoland area and around the US to give students an insider’s perspective into an organization and industry. These site visits take place in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and London, England.

Workshops & Masterclasses

These small group workshops allow industry professionals and alumni to have a focused conversation with interested students. Connect with one of SoC’s 15 modular curriculum programs or five Master’s programs. Additionally, EPICS can work with your organization to create small masterclasses giving students a focused learning objective that will help them build their portfolio or learn a specific aspect of an industry.

Industry Connect

The Northwestern community stretches far and wide. With EPICS’ Industry Connect evenings, students are able to see the direction their Northwestern degree can take them. Alumni and other industry professionals discuss their industry, career path, and offer advice to students over the course of several hours.

Program-Specific Events

Want to partner in a meaningful way?  Each of the six Master’s programs is eager to engage industry professionals through program-specific career events.  Whether related to general career advice or focused on industry trends and insights in health communication, creative industries, the arts, film and television, or the communication arts, EPICS is your partner for focused career programming.

Upcoming Events

What’s happening this quarter with EPICS? Log in to Handshake to see a list of current workshops and events. 

Want to see what’s happening with the larger Northwestern community? PlanIt Purple is a comprehensive all-school calendar.