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Graduate Programs + EPICS

Graduate Students

Professional Programs

For six diverse master’s programs focusing on the creative arts, healthcare, communication, and leadership, EPICS provides one-on-one career coaching, workshops, and experiential opportunities. To learn more about the programs supported by EPICS, please click on one of the following links:

    Graduate | Ph.D. Programs

    Students in masters or Ph.D. programs within the School of Communication can utilize EPICS for one-on-one career coaching, the review of professional assets, networking advice, and other career-related questions. Students are also encouraged to attend EPICS workshops and events to network with industry professionals and alumni.   

    Career Coaching

    EPICS provides empowering, focused coaching to a diverse group of academic programs within the School of Communication. EPICS career coaches are here to help students unlock their potential and develop professionally. Whether acting as a consultant to review resumes or offering strategies for a successful job search, coaching relationships can help students move through their career journey. Career coaches are embedded in the six graduate programs mentioned at the top of this page and provide support and encouragement to students.

    Appointments can be made through Handshake.

    Professional Development

    Some master’s programs require students to complete an internship or experiential component as a requirement for graduation. Currently, the Leadership for the Creative Enterprises, Sound Arts and Industries, Health Communication, and MFA programs have internship requirements. Requirements for this professional development vary by program and students are encouraged to refer to their program of study for specific information. Meet with your EPICS Career Coach to discuss tips for creating a successful internship.

    You’ll also register your summer experience with Handshake’s online registration form. To help you register, watch this brief video walking you through the registration process:

    Alumni Services

    EPICS has joined Handshake, Northwestern University’s career management system. Handshake offers alumni access to jobs from employers across the country. As an alumna/alumnus you can create a Handshake profile by going to: Through Handshake, alumni are able to build a profile, create job search notifications, and much more. Alumni who graduated prior to 2018 will need to create an account. You will receive a notification from Handshake when your account has been approved.  

    The office provides a limited number of alumni career coaching appointments through Handshake. Please view availability once your account is activated.

    EPICS encourages School of Communication alumni to take advantage of the extensive Northwestern Network available to alumni for networking and mentorship. Alumni have access to Our Northwestern and the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program.  

    If you have any questions about Handshake or career services for alumni, please contact EPICS at

    A note about alumni access to Handshake: Click “Sign up for an Account” below the Handshake icon in the blue box and select “Student/Alumni” as the type of account. Alumni and postdocs must enter their name, email address and create a password to request access. Please allow for up to 5 business days for your alumni/postdoc account to be processed