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Undergraduates + EPICS


Undergraduate students have a world of opportunity and EPICS is here to guide you from backpack to career. By engaging Northwestern’s connections and communities in Evanston, Chicago, and the world, EPICS empowers students to create experiential opportunities during their time on campus. 

Career Coaching

EPICS provides coaching to a diverse group of academic programs within the School of Communication. Career coaching is available to any undergraduate student within the SoC.  EPICS is here to help students unlock their potential and develop professionally. Whether acting as a guide to review resumes or offering strategies for a successful job search, coaching relationships can help students move through their career journey.  SoC students can meet with EPICS or Laura Myers from NCA. 

Appointments can be made through Handshake.  



EPICS plays a vital role in supporting the innovative modular curriculum for undergraduate students. Modules are highly focused programs aimed at helping undergraduate students develop professionally. While in the modules, students complete coursework, co-curriculars, and a capstone project. Additionally, several modules have mentorship boards consisting of industry professionals. The goals of these communities are to help students bridge classroom theory and practice. Learn more about the 20 modular learning communities.

Site Visits

EPICS supports company site visits during the academic year. Each has a focus on the arts, theatre, communication, and other creative industries. Chicago-based visits are offered throughout the year and focus on connecting with professionals, discovering internship opportunities, and learning about company culture.