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EPICS Partners

Undergraduate majors and minors

EPICS provides career programming for undergraduate students in radio, television, film, communication studies, dance, human communication sciences, performance studies, theatre. In addition to these majors, EPICS plays a key role in providing experiential learning and professional development activities for undergraduates in one of the SoC modular learning communities.

Graduate Programs

For five diverse master’s programs focusing on the creative arts, healthcare, communication and leadership, EPICS provides one-on-one career coaching, workshops, and experiential opportunities. To learn more about the programs supported by EPICS, please click on one of the following links:

MA in Sound Arts and Industries
The MA in Sound Arts and Industries is a one-year master’s program for media storytellers, artists, designers, theorists and others who place sonic expression at the center of their practice.

MFA in Documentary Media
The MFA in Documentary Media program consists of diverse, driven, multi-faceted media-makers. Some create social-impact documentaries, others blend fiction and nonfiction. Still others embrace emerging technologies. Grounded in documentary, our program promotes experimentation with hybrid techniques and the latest distribution platforms.

MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage
The MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage was founded on the principles of art, craft, business, vision, and community.

MS in Communication
Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Communication program educates ambitious and inspired professionals to become more valued and effective leaders.

MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises
Students in the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful leaders in Entertainment, Media and the Arts.