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The EPICS team is available to provide coaching on career assets like your resume/cover letter, career planning & strategy, job/internship searches, networking, and more. Below you will find our areas of expertise. Appointments to meet anyone on the team can be made through Handshake.  General Information: 847-467-0270 |

Michael Johnson | Director, Academic & Career Management, EPICS

847-467-4024 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison | MS Communication

Areas of Expertise |
Career Exploration, Career Transition, Early & Experienced Professionals, Informational Interviews, MBTI Certified

Kimberley Cornwell | Associate Director, EPICS

312-503-5052 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison: MS Health Communication 

Areas of Expertise |
Behavioral Interviews, Early & Experienced Professionals, Leadership Coaching







Patricia Messina | Associate Director, EPICS
847-467-2933 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison | MS Communication 

Areas of Expertise |
Early & Experienced Professionals, Leadership Coaching, Talent Acquisition & Human Resources



Mandi Glowen | Assistant Director, EPICS
847-467-6586 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison | MS Leadership for Creative Enterprises

Areas of Expertise | Career Pivot, Career Values, Leadership Coaching, MBTI Certified





Katherine Lelek | Assistant Director, EPICS
847-467-5143 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison | MA Sound Arts & Industries, SoC Masters and Ph.D. candidates

Areas of Expertise |
Career Pivot, Creative Portfolios, MBTI Certified



Jonah Zeiger | Assistant Director, EPICS
847-467-7185 | | LinkedIn

Graduate Liaison | MFA Documentary Media and MFA Writing for Screen & Stage

Areas of Expertise |
 Career Values, Creative Portfolios, Leadership Coaching, Pitching Creative Projects


 Priscilla McInerney | Program Coordinator, EPICS

847-467-3336 | | LinkedIn

Areas of Expertise | Internship Award Program, SoC Internship Program, Handshake, EPICS Social Media and Marketing