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Undergraduate Internships

Internships build lifelong skills to help you move your career forward. Wherever you are in your academic journey, internships add to your resume. Want to enroll in an internship class and register your experience for college credit? It’s easy with EPICS. 

  • Any School of Communication student can register their internship experience.
  • Handshake should be the first place you begin your internship search.  
  • Read through EPICS  Internship Expectations Guide for Students for creating a successful internship.
  •  Once you secure an internship, speak with your Academic Advisor. You’ll also register your internship with Handshake’s online registration form. To help you register your experience, watch this brief video walking you through the registration process:
    • Here’s an overview of the number of hours and credits you can earn during the academic year:
      • 8 – 15 hours/week for one quarter = 1 credit
      • 16 – 23 hours/week for one quarter = 2 credits
      • 24 – 31 hours/week for one quarter = 3 credits
      • 32 – 40 hours/week for one quarter = 4 credits
      • Students also have the option to receive 0 or .25 credits for their internship (summer only):
        -Students can enroll in a 0 credit option over the summer. The experience will go on their transcript, and the organization will receive a letter indicating participation in a 0 credit program. Students do not attend class but are required to complete an internship evaluation at the end of the experience. Students have access to an Internship Instructor should they need assistance during their internship. There is no cost to participate.
        -If the internship host requires interns to receive credit, you can enroll in a .25 credit option, which fulfills the requirements of most organizations. Students do not attend the weekly class, but do submit some assignments and are in communication with the instructor during the experience. 
    • Students can earn a maximum of 4 credits towards an internship
    • You can choose to receive fewer credits than you are eligible to receive. For example, if you work 20 hours a week, you can receive 1 or 2 credits.
    • If you have elected to receive credit for your internship, tuition will be charged for registration. Visit the Student Financial Services website for information about tuition rates during fall, winter, and spring quarter.