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London Calling: Farewells and Reflections

This post was written by Sofia Kuta, a Junior Communication Studies Major at Northwestern University attending the School of Communication’s Global Media & Communications Seminar in London.

On Friday morning, we reluctantly packed our bags and bid farewell to the bustling streets of London and its iconic double-decker buses. Spring break had officially come to an end. To say the least, nobody wanted to go back home. The past week has been an absolute whirlwind of engaging lectures, site visits, laughs and touristy excursions. For some, this trip had been to a return to a previously visited city. For others, it was a completely novel experience. Either way, every person came out of the trip with a new lesson learned, whether that is how to navigate the tube system or properly order a meal at a pub.

Despite our group’s array of interests, we all came to London with the hope of gaining a more clear vision of our career aspirations to some extent. From site to site, we heard from a wide array of people with differing career paths. The biggest take-away from speaking with the people on these panels is that, for the most part, there is no “right way” to go about you career. There is no recipe that can be followed that will lead you to an exact job position. We are each on our own individual trajectories. Who knows what we will be doing in five years. Chances are it’ll be something completely unanticipated. It’s vague and a bit scary, but after all is said and done, we each need to trust that it will all ultimately work out for the best.