Graduate Students

For six diverse master’s programs focusing on the creative arts, healthcare, communication and leadership, EPICS provides one-on-one career coaching, workshops, and experiential opportunities. To learn more about the programs supported by EPICS, please click on one of the following links:


Some master’s programs require students to complete an internship or experiential component as a requirement for graduation. Currently, the Leadership for the Creative Enterprises, Sound Arts and Industries, Health Communication, and MFA programs have internship requirements. Requirements vary by program and students are encouraged to refer to their program of study for specific information.


SoConnect is the first place any SoC student should look for jobs, fellowships, internships, and EPICS events. EPICS cultivates relationships with employers across the arts, communication arts, cultural organizations, and in film, media, television, and production fields (to name a few!). Log in today to discover opportunities and events specifically for SoC students, including career coaching appointments.

Career Coaching

EPICS provides empowering, focused coaching to a diverse group of academic programs within the School of Communication. EPICS career coaches are here to help students unlock their potential and develop professionally. Whether acting as a consultant to review resumes or offering strategies for a successful job search, coaching relationships can help student moves through their career journey. Career coaches are embedded in the six graduates programs mentioned at the top of this page and provide support and encouragement to students.

Appointments can be made through SoConnect. Undergraduate students interested in one-on-one career appointments should refer to CareerCat and make an appointment with Northwestern Career Advancement.

Career Treks

EPICS supports company site visits also known as “career treks” during the academic year. Each has a focus on the arts, theatre, communication, and creative industries. Chicago-based treks are offered throughout the year and focus on connecting with professionals, discovering internship opportunities, and learning about company culture.